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Kappa Tau Alpha

Since 1977, the USF Chapter of the college honor society Kappa Tau Alpha has recognized academic excellence and promoted scholarship in journalism and mass communication.

Kappa Tau Alpha, the seventh oldest national honor society, was founded at the University of Missouri in 1910 at the world's first school of journalism. The Society has 95 chapters and has inducted nearly 60,000 outstanding students since its founding. It is one of 64 members of the Association of College Honor Societies.

The emblem of Kappa Tau Alpha is the key, the oldest symbol of knowledge and communication. The Greek letters mean "The Truth Will Prevail." The letters also suggest three English words: knowledge, truth and accuracy. The Society's colors are light blue, significant of truth, and gold, emblematic of worth and high standards.

Benefits of membership include: national recognition for academic excellence, lifetime membership, Certificate of Membership, a key pin, and a sense of community with other fellow outstanding scholars in journalism/mass communications.

Selection for membership is a mark of highest distinction and honor. The USF chapter invites into membership the top 10% of each fall and spring graduating class and the top 10% of graduate students who have completed the equivalent of at least two semesters of full-time coursework in the degree program. From these initiates, special recognition is given to the top undergraduate scholar (based on all college coursework) each semester and the top graduate scholar each year.

The following students have been inducted into KTA in recent years.

Spring 2014
Andrea Kidder (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Theresa Lynn Woods (Top Graduate Scholar)
Mary Badonsky
Megan Fazzini
Rebecca Forman
Arielle Giordano
Marissa Kosiec
Lauren Potts
Brandon Schuster
Jasmine Paulino Thomas
Hope Williams
Michaela D. Williams
Charity Wright

Fall 2013
Brandi Hollis (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Elsie De Marziani
Christian Quintero
Natasha Stopford

Spring 2013
Jessica Lee (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Roelof Oldenbanning (Top Graduate Scholar)
Ainsley Carter
Torie Doll
Stephanie Fred
Raneshia Lawrence
Lauren Webber
Jade Webster

Fall 2012
Maryam Saleh (Top Undergraduate Scholar)

Spring 2012
Farah Britto (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Jessica Brightman (Top Graduate Scholar)
Luisa Solórzano (Top Graduate Scholar)
Daniel Beaulieu
Aline Bryant
Christopher Novak
Kelsey Palmer
Erin Toliver
Brittany Watts

Fall 2011
Laura Setter (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Alexandra Acosta
Breanne Hager
Rachel Kaylor
Bradley Keville
Melissa Russell
Katie Toot

Spring 2010
Tara Leek (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Lauren Klinger (Top Graduate Scholar)
Alex Crews
Carmel Delshad
Marguerite Faucher
Annie Morales
Sarah Wilson

Fall 2010
Lindsay Howe (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Allison Belles
Crystal Cooper
Shannon Dormer
Michael Levine
Bistra Mihaylova
Anne Temme

Spring 2009
Laura Newhook (Top Undergraduate Scholar)
Karen Strand (Top Graduate Scholar)
Natalia Chudy
Michelle Finlayson
Melanie Formentin
Jasmine Fowlkes
Mike Godard
Emma Hauser
Jennifer Hiatt
Christina Jasin
Rianna Lee Sing
Tara Leek
Abby Moon
RebeccaLynn Plemons
Kara Randazzo
Rose Rezaei
Heather Stachowiak

Spring 2008
Ashlee Alstrom
Megan Carlson
Ashlea Hudak
Rai Iciri
Andi Kuhn
Jaclyn Narney
Laura Narney
Anna Peters
Danielle Rude
Emma Sylvester
Jessica Voss

Spring 2007
Brittany Asher
Carissa Caricato
Katherine Dorf
Peter Lazazzaro
Hannah Potter
Meaghan Roberts
William Wilton