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Minor in Mass Communications

The minor in mass communications is available to students pursuing any major other than mass communications at USF. Students who wish to minor must apply for admission to the School of Mass Communications and must meet all admission requirements of majors.

The minor in mass communications requires a minimum of 18 hours of school coursework, including:
        MMC 2100 Writing for Mass Communications (3 hours)

        MMC 3602 Mass Communications and Society (3 hours)

The other 12 hours may be selected from among School of Mass Communications offerings and must include a minimum of nine hours at the 3000-level or higher.

All minor hours must be completed at USF. Students who transfer mass communications courses to USF may not use these courses in fulfilling minor requirements. However, students who have satisfactorily completed MMC 1000 or MMC 2000 or equivalents at other institutions may substitute other USF mass communications courses for MMC 3602, and students who have completed MMC 2100 or equivalents may substitute another USF mass communications course for MMC 2100 if they pass the school English diagnostic test with a score of 140 (of 200) or more, which is the same score required for the successful completion of MMC 2100 at USF.